The Marine Stewardship Council

Based in London the MSC is the world’s premier certifier of sustainable seafood. Already certifying most of the sustainable large scale fisheries the MSC has highlighted the certification of small scale and data-poor fisheries one of its main channels. The David & Lucille Packard Foundation has funded a 30 month project for MSC using Dr Prince and his associates as consultants and aimed at developing MSC certification protocols based on SPR@Size assessment.

The Nature Conservancy

The oldest environmental non-government organisation on the planet has had an interest in the Coral Triangle and reef fish management since it funded Bob Johannes work in 1970s. Dr Prince is working with TNC to trial the new SPR@Size assessment and management techniques in Palau, Indonesia, and the West Coast US groundfish fishery.

Sustainable Fisheries Partners (SFP)

The SFP is a small non-government organisation (NGO) which operates in partnership with fisheries in third world countries grappling with entering an age when major international fish buyers all insist markets in the USA and Europe will be closed to seafood products not rated as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Funded by large international fish buying companies and philanthropic donors the SFP is using Dr Prince to consult with them on the potential for data-poor approaches in the Indonesian blue swimmer crab fishery has 80,000 fishers and seven buyers buying 200,000t per annum.

Pearl Producers of Australia (PPA)

The PPA represents the Australian Producers of South Sea Pearls which is cultured in the world’s largest pearl shell Pinctada maxima. From 2003 through to publication in 2011 Dr Prince worked with the PPA to design, fund, co-ordinate and publish an independent study by the University of Newcastle, Australia, of the potentially important environmental issue of benthic impacts.

Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)

The FRDC disperses a research levy collected from all sectors of primary industry by the Commonwealth Australian Government. A precursor of FRDC first funded an abalone project of Dr Prince’s in 1983 and in 2011 FRDC is still funding abalone research by Dr Prince, having in between also funded research on deepwater fish, sharks, shrimp, dugong and lobsters. The continuing and past support of FRDC is heartily acknowledged here.