Santa Barbara Fisheries, California

California is a US state the size of most industrialized nations, home of a government facing a budget crisis and third world fisheries. Much of the theory behind using Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is a reaction to the ‘scorched earth’ of Californian fishing grounds.

Dr Prince was introduced originally to the port of Santa Barbara and academics at the Bren School, UCSB by the now retired John Richards of California Sea Grants in 2001.

Over the years, Biospherics has bridged occasional consultancies from industry associations, Environmental Defense Fund, Californian Depart. Fish & Game and the University California, Santa Barbara, and Dr Prince has managed to build a network of co-operative relationships around the port of Santa Barbara interested in co-developing new approaches to data-poor fisheries. The Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara’s Association (CFSB) has a newly elected first female president in Stephanie Mutz and a strong group of industry leaders interested in working collaboratively with Dr Prince and Bren School academics Profs. Steve Gaines, Chris Costello, Sarah Lester and Hunter Lenihan, and students Jono Wilson, Sarah Valencia and Matt Kay working across the complete spectrum of the port’s main species; lobster, sea urchin and rockfish.