Dr Jeremy Prince

Everything is part of the ecology of the biosphere. The challenge of the age is closing the myriad of simple feedback loops within our biosphere to achieve sustainable human colonization of our planet; Biospherics.

Functioning as the nexus of independently consulting scientists Biospherics Pty Ltd was established by Dr Jeremy Prince in 1989 for consulting, research and development.

Since 1993 Biospherics Pty Ltd has completed over $3.4 million of Australian commonwealth government research and development projects. These span a wide range of Australia’s largest commercial fisheries; from shallow water abalone, rock lobster and shrimp, to deepwater sharks and bentho-pelagic trawl fish assemblages.

Working on the interface between government and the fishing industry Biospherics consults to government, industry and non-government organisations, and conducts competitively funded R&D (research and development) projects. Dr Prince has carved-out a uniquely independent role in the field of Australian and international fisheries analysis and research. Dr Prince is an Associate Professor at Murdoch University in Western Australia and plays an active role in fisheries research through collaboration and supervision of research students in Australia and the USA.

Combining the experience of resource assessment modeler and commercial fisher, Dr Prince is internationally recognized for his practical expertise in the assessment of spatially complex, small-scale resources and data-poor fisheries and use of fisher lore to study fisheries ecology.

Over the last two years Dr Prince has been working on an exciting new breakthrough for scientifically assessing the 90% of global fisheries considered too small or data-poor for assessment with existing quantitative assessment models.

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The Marine Stewardship Council

Based in London the MSC is the world’s premier certifier of sustainable seafood. Already certifying most of the sustainable large scale fisheries the MSC has highlighted the certification of small scale and data-poor fisheries one of its main channels. The David & Lucille Packard Foundation has funded a 30 month project for MSC using Dr Prince and his associates as consultants and aimed at developing MSC certification protocols based on SPR@Size assessment.

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